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VIP status of YGFOM House is obtained by filling in the corresponding form.

Before applying on this form you should:

  • have an active account (paid) on 3DXChat;

  • be a regular visitor of YGFOM house;

  • have prepared at least 3 photos ready to submit following the provided instructions bellow;

Do not not necessary show your face; it's just to demonstrate you're a real man or woman (and not using pictures of others)

  • Write on a paper by hand, your 3DXChat username and keep it visible when you take that pictures of yourself.

  • Pictures should have the longer side at least 1920 px.

After your your submission of the form you should confirm your 3DXChat  username with the owner (Diegis) sending him a private message about your application (you should use the same username provided in application form) ;

If everything's fine:

  • upload the received badge as one of your profile photos;

  • check the official YGFOM page; your profile should be already mentioned in the VIP Guest List.

Be aware that you can lose your VIP status if you:

  • delete the VIP badge from your profile in the game;

  • fail to comply with the Code of Conduct of the house; 

  • don't visit the YGFOM house for more than 6 months;

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