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YGFOM House was originally built by angixoxo.

YGFOM was launched in December 2020 by Diegis and with the beginning of 2021, Diegis together with DJ Sheiyla had brought major developments to the house such as:

  • a new landing area;

  • an administration office;

  • a new (dance) floor;

  • stage improvements;

  • a gym space;

  • an are dedicated to entertainment games;

  • a new building dedicated for streaming services;

  • a boardwalk near the sea;

  • an helipad;

  • an outdoor summer lounge;

  • a beach camp;

  • and many more minor improvements...

DJ Sheiyla has also developed the own house radio station and started epic live DJ events so appreciated by the guests.

The second version of the YGFOM House, was launched with the beginning of June 2021. The whole place was completely rebuild by Diegis keeping the same flavour of the initial environment and bringing a new fresh look and props:

  • a brand new stage equipped with brand new sound system and lights.

  • a cosy and eccentric bar.

  • a bigger dance floor.

  • dancing spot at height.

  • two new fancy beaches.

  • two large alleys.

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