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As you probably may noticed the island is full of sexual dirtiness. Venerable gentlemen take advantage by young dirty sluts also eager themselves to taste some essences of maturity.

Things that you could do:

  • chatting each other in a nice and cozy environment; 

  • show your moves on the dance floor;

  • lots of virtual fucks and blowjobs (if you make the connection);

  • organize gang-bangs or orgies in specially designed places.

  • use the Brothel being a client or as a hooker;

  • meet the dark side of BDSM directly in it's nest;

If you have any other suggestions and you are a member of our house don't hesitate to share it us using the dedicated section of the Forum (you must be a registered user)

Activity BC

Masters and slave have a dedicated space where they can apply their role play

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Activity - Brothel

Pretty self explanatory name! A place where professional / freelancers whores offer services. Guests are also very welcome after they got along with the whore. Preliminary discussion is recommended to take place in local chat and after that action could be in place in the same building in space dedicated for guests. Guests are forbidden to access the section of the building allocated for whores. Please respect the signage!

Are you a whore interested to work here? Apply for a job!

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Dancing along with other guests is a very common and fun activity here. You can try your moves especially on the dancefloor placed  in the front of the stage.

And of course, as you may already noticed there are a lot of pole dance places too. Are you bold enough? Show to the other guests your sexy moves!


There are multiple ways to fornicate like hell! Could you use some slut to use her good (remember, no romance here) or you could organize gang-bangs and epic orgies! Sky's the limit!

Casual chat
Activity-Casual Chat

Do you wanna just chillin' out and chating with someone here? There are many option doing that, even tasting a bear!

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