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YOUNG GIRLS FOR OLDER MEN is a virtual house hosted by 3DXChat game.

We strive to maintain this house open 24/7 as the guests to enjoy our facility and of course by the best dance music!

There you can chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. It's a world where all your secret desires may come true, where you can be anyone and where you can do anything you want.

Besides the usual stuff that you may already encounter in the other rooms, YGFOM offers more:

  • the name of the game it's pretty explanatory and that means that the house it's dedicated for older men that are looking for young dolls (but not underage - we do not encourage that) and vice versa;

  • there's a dedicated radio station exclusively made for this house with a playlist full of tracks carefully selected by DJ Lethal X;

  • from time to time there are live DJ events;

  • there's a pretty active moderation so persons that not comply with the house code of conduct will be kicked out;

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