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Code of Conduct

We do not like rules but sometimes life without rules could easily degenerate to a zoo.

So these are the guidelines established for the YGFOM House:

General recommendations 

  • If you choose to land in this house, and you maybe wanna wait for a while before doing something, it will be very appreciate it if you, find a nice place to sit / lay down / dance / talk to the phone, other that the landing area; this will facilitate an uncrowded entrance. 

  • Be nice and answer nicely if you get any questions from others; generally speaking, all our guests are nice people.

  • Try not to ”cold” others!

  • We (really) appreciate your real pictures on your profile. This is not a must but you should know you are appreciated if your photos are yours and not cartoons, virtual characters or other weird stuff!

  • Dirty language is (very) appreciated in the house but do not insist if the other person disagree with it. On the other hand if you are offended by dirty language used in the house, you should maybe move on to another place on 3DXChat! There are so many there...

BDSM Nest rules

  • Do not use the facility for other activities than BDSM interaction .


  • Pay attention to the signage!


    • access the section of the building allocated for whores / escorts!​ (red rooms)

    • dance / sleep / rest (living furniture) / do casual chat / be AFK,  in the brothel building; 


    • talk / fuck / ​invite guests or friends in the section allocated exclusively for whores (red rooms);

    • sleep / rest (living furniture) / be AFK in the red rooms 


​These areas are properly signposted!

  • Do not use these areas for other activities than interact with the management / staff

  • By exception these places could be used for other activities with the approval of the owner / administrator.

Reasons that might lead to be kicked out from the YGFOM house

  1. ignoring (adding on your Ignore list) the owner/manager of YGFOM house [Diegis / Sheiyla]

  2. being rude with the YGFOM team;

  3. advertising other worlds / products / services / or any kind of advertise, among guests;

  4. copying name (or concept) of the house and using as public world / room;

  5. failure to comply the BDSM Nest, BROTHEL, PRIVATE / ADMINISTARTION Areas rules;

  6. using stolen pictures on your profile;

  7. exaggerated irrational behaviour; (harassing the guests with your moves, running wild in the house or around people, etc)

  8. frequent use of ”Cuddle” or ”Kiss” buttons on random people;

  9. being reported by more than 3 guests or being observed by owner as being as a disturbing person

The final decision is taken by the house owner and could be for an interval of time or for an undetermined period of time.

If you were kicked out of the house and you think it was an unfair decision, raise a ticket.

This document could be changed / updated anytime without prior notice

Last update: May 30, 2021

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